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NCM 7.4.1 Release Notes



Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Melanie Boyd on Jun 20, 2018

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Updated December 21, 2015

These release notes provide additional guidance for SolarWinds Orion Network Configuration Manager (NCM) 7.4.1.

For NCM environment requirements, see NCM 7.4 system requirements.

New Features and Improvements

SolarWinds NCM version 7.4.1 includes the following improvements:

  • Added a basic device template for Allied Telesis devices

    Allied Telesis is a popular brand of networking equipment in Japan.

SolarWinds NCM version 7.4 includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Cisco IOS and ASA Vulnerability Reporting

    NCM uses Cisco IOS and ASA firmware and configuration vulnerability data from the National Vulnerability Database to record which nodes in NCM are vulnerable. This information is available in a new Firmware Vulnerability resource and as a report.

  • NCM Entirely Web-based

    The NCM desktop application is no longer available and all functionality has migrated to the SolarWinds Orion Web Console.

  • New Compliance Reports
    • You can run over 60 Defense Information Systems Agency Security Technical Implementation Guide (DISA STIG) policy reports, preconfigured with the necessary rules and policies.
    • You can run National Institute of Standards and Technology Federal Information Security Management Act (NIST FISMA) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) reports.
  • Device Template Wizard
    • Create and edit device templates using the new, web-based Device Template Wizard in the SolarWinds Orion Web Console.
    • All templates from previous versions of NCM are migrated to the SolarWinds Orion database during an upgrade.
    • Access templates that other SolarWinds users share through thwack directly in Device Template Management.
  • Enhanced Change Approval Workflow

    The NCM approval system allows three different workflows:

    • Use a one-tier approval workflow to submit configuration changes to an NCM administrator.
    • Use a non-privileged, two-tier approval workflow to require non-privileged users (any user with the WebUploader role) to submit configuration changes to two different approval groups.
    • Use an inclusive, two-tier approval workflow to require all users to submit configuration changes to two different approval groups.
  • New Template Options

    The following options are now available:

    • UseExactPromptMatch - This option allows NCM to detect command mode prompts when they appear as a separate line.
    • UseMultipleDownloadCommands - This option allows NCM to capture outputs from all commands in the DownloadConfig command in the device template.
  • Web-based Reports
    • Create and edit reports using new, web-based reports.
    • NCM now uses Orion Platform reports (HOME > Reports) instead of the NCM reporting pages (CONFIGS > Reports).
    • Previous reports are not migrated to the web-based reports system and can no longer be edited after an upgrade.
    • Schedule reports with the Orion Report Schedulers instead of the NCM Run Report job.
  • Policy Violation Remediation

    You can automatically remediate violations in a device configuration on multiple nodes using a script.

  • Configuration Change Auditing

    Syslog data forwarded from network devices as part of real-time change detection includes the name of the user associated with the change.

  • Web-based Alerts
    • Create and manage alerts using the web-based alerting engine.
    • Alerts created using the desktop-based alerting engine are automatically migrated to the web-based alerting engine.
  • Web Transfer Status Page

    The Web Transfer Status page now displays all historical transfer operation requests and results.

  • End-of-Life Device Management

    You can choose to assign End-of-Life information to nodes based on part numbers automatically.

  • Transfer Status Page

    The Transfer Status page now displays all real-time notification requests.

  • Improved Charts Look and Feel

    NCM charts now look like other SolarWinds Orion charts and load more quickly.

  • Improved Configuration Upload

    Choose what character to use as a line break.

Fixed Issues

SolarWinds NCM 7.4.1 includes the following fixes:

Issue Case Number

NCM not sending configuration differences after upgrade to 7.4 on certain devices.


Job built to push configs to 500 or more devices hangs at Downloading.


Not receiving real time notification emails after upgrading to 7.4.


Cannot download vulnerabilities XML files.


Configuration Wizard failure issues.



SolarWinds NCM 7.4 includes the following fixes:

Issue Case Number

Cannot always upload configuration files to Juniper devices.


Issues with exporting reports to Excel or CSV.


Some Overall Security Compliance graphs do not update


Incorrect values are calculated in the Report for Memory for Cisco devices.


Some devices with SNMP-defined Configuration Download do not responding to credentials.


Configuration files are truncated when the body contains command mode prompt.


Web Console performs slowly.


NCM Jobs do not run.


Extra lines and spaces appear in the configuration when copied from Orion Web Console to Notepad.


Real-time Change Notification does not work when sent from different source interfaces.


Overall Policy Violations resource does not display.


Orion Services stop when downloading configuration files.


NCM displays 10 Gbps interfaces as 4.3 Gbps.


Inventory Reports show the wrong port speed.


Filtered selection does not work for script deployment.


The NCM installer only creates TFTP/SCP root folders in the default location.


Comparison criteria do not handle the " or \' characters.


Actions taken by administrators do not display in the User Tracking Report.


Whitespace is not preserved in the Config Change Template.


You can view hidden passwords in the Edit Node page if you view the HTML source.


An SQL query locks the node table when the configuration catalog contains files over the support size.


Legends contain numerical values instead of status.


Report Generator does not save to a network drive.


MSXML vulnerabilities found in security scanners.


Open Issues

Issue Case Number

If you upgraded from an RC version of NCM 7.4, you may not have a full set of the new compliance reports.

To resolve this issue, navigate to Manage Policy Reports, delete all reports, and run the SolarWinds Configuration Wizard.


After uninstalling NCM, you may not be able to open the SolarWinds Orion Web Console and charts you export to PDF may not display the correct time range or colors.

To resolve this issue, open the folder on your SolarWinds Orion web server, and remove all NCM files.


During the upgrade, you may be notified that some services cannot be stopped automatically.

To resolve this issue, open the Orion Services Manager from the Start menu, and stop all services.


Since NCM 7.4 does not support the concept of Node Groups, Web-based reports look different in comparison with NCM 7.3 and before.

To restore the previous display, edit the relevant report, adding the property.


User cannot export large reports, such as vulnerability reports, that have more than 50,000 items.

To resolve this issue, open the report for editing, choose Edit Table in the Content section, and filter the results to 50,000 or less.


Cannot manage pollers in the SolarWinds Orion Web Console's Threshold and Polling Settings if you only have NCM installed.


Node discovery may not always add nodes to NCM after an upgrade.

To resolve this issue, following NCM upgrade, add a new Connection Profile (select "Use for auto detect"), and then re-run the node discovery.


Resources such as Node List, Search NCM, Inventory Details, Compare Configs, Download, and all charts, stop working when dragged and dropped.

To resolve this issue, refresh the page.


NCM is not able to connect to certain devices with SSH-only log-in, receiving this error from the server: "Invalid username or password".

See this Knowledge Base article for the workaround to this issue.


Orion Web Console shows a blank page after installing NPM 11.5.2 when NCM 7.4 is already installed.

To resolve this issue, re-run SolarWinds Configuration Wizard.


The following protocols, settings, and encryption algorithms were not tested:

  • AES256 encryption for IPV6 nodes
  • SNMP config transfer for Catalyst MIB devices
  • Config transfer using Blowfish and CAST128 encryption algorithms
NCM resources do not work correctly when they are on same view as IPAM's resources -

The Node List loads slowly with a large number (10K) of nodes in the database when the nodes are not grouped.


A script fails when loading a node list that contains a group with 30K or more nodes.


Physical Entities (Serial Number) report loads slowly when there is a large number of records (a million or more.

To resolve this issue, select the sort on a single column option (Settings > NCM Settings > Advanced Settings).


Access to Orion Web Console blocked after NCM installation if the SQL account you have assigned to your Orion Platform database has not been configured with appropriate permissions.

To resolve this issue, you must create a new SQL account with required permissions as detailed in this knowledge base article.


Config download aborts when the config line (for example, the hostname on a line by itself in the banner text) exactly matches the length of the device's prompt.

To resolve this issue, ensure that you surround any banner text with comment operators. For example, if your hostname appears in the banner text as LGC6509E, you would change it to "*LGC6509E*


The importance of policy updates (Cisco Energywise) is hard coded to 100. This is caused by a limitation imposed by the EnergyWise MIB data collection mechanism.


The time returned by device (EnergyWise) is based on the device time. Recurrence policies (based on chron jobs) respect the time set on the device, not the time of SolarWinds NPM or SolarWinds NCM.


Do not use a 7 to represent Sunday in the day of the week option of your recurrence policy. At this time, 7 is not recognized by SolarWinds NPM and will cause problems with your EnergyWise Policy Overview Calendar.


End of Life Policy

In order to continue to drive innovation and new functionality in our products, SolarWinds must transition customers from legacy to current versions of software. Please review the following support schedule:

  • 6/04/2015: End-of-Life (EoL) announcement – Customers on SolarWinds NCM v7.1.1 or earlier should transition to SolarWinds NCM 7.4.
  • 8/31/2015 End-of-Engineering (EoE) – Service release, bug fixes, workarounds, and service packs for SolarWinds NCM v7.1.1 or earlier will no longer be actively supported by SolarWinds.
  • 8/31/2016 End-of-Life (EoL) – SolarWinds will no longer provide technical support for SolarWinds NCM v7.1.1 or earlier.

View the SolarWinds EOL Policy online.


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