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Cisco Inventory report

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Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret on Oct 03, 2016

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To display the Cisco Inventory  report:

  1. Navigate to My Dashboard > Network Configuration >Reports.
  2. Click Cisco Inventory in the left column.

The following reports are available:

Cisco 3750 Stack - Physical Entity Displays information about physical entities within each device.
Cisco Card Data Displays information about Cisco card data within each device.
Cisco Catalyst Cards Displays the card in each Catalyst switch.
Cisco Chassis IDs Displays the chassis ID and serial number for Cisco devices.
Cisco Discovery Protocol Displays the CDP discovered from each device.
Cisco Flash File System Displays the list of files in the flash memory of Cisco devices.
Cisco Flash Memory Displays the amount of flash memory in Cisco devices.
Cisco IOS Image Details Displays details of IOS in each Cisco device.
Cisco Memory Pools Displays memory pools in Cisco devices.
Cisco VLANs Displays the VLANs to which devices belong.
Memory in Cisco Devices Displays memory pools in Cisco devices.
Old Cisco Cards Displays the cards in Cisco devices.
ROM Bootstrap for Cisco Devices Displays the ROM bootstrap version for selected devices.


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