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Set up config change approval

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Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret on Oct 03, 2016

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The setup wizard guides you through the process of specifying an email server for notifications, addresses of change approvers, and accounts of team members who manage device configurations.

When you enable the change approval system, SolarWinds NCM prevents the system from executing device uploads until an NCM administrator has approved the scheduled job.

  1. Click Settings > All Settings.
  2. Under Product Specific Settings, click NCM Settings.
  3. Under Config Management Change Approval, click Setup Wizard.
  4. Select an approval mode, and click Submit.
  5. Enter SMTP settings, and click Submit.
  6. Enter Admin Email settings.
    • If you are using one-level approval, the addresses in the To field receive notifications of pending device config changes.
    • The address in the From field is shown as the sending address for config change approval requests.
    • The Subject field appears in the subject line of config change approval requests.
    • Add an additional message regarding to inform approvers of the standard action to take.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. If you selected one-level approval, click Manage Users to adjust the NCM role for accounts that will be submitting upload requests, and follow the steps in Create, edit, and delete NCM accounts. Otherwise, click Finish.
  9. If you selected a form of two-level approval, select a user and enter a valid address for Approval Level 1 and Approval Level 2, and click Finish.

    For each user in the list that you want to have a WebUploader role but neither the Engineer or Administrator role, select the user name, and click Edit.

  10. When you are finished managing users and adding level 1 and level 2 addresses, click Submit.


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