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Key features of SolarWinds NCM

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Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret on Oct 03, 2016

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Scheduled configuration backups

Schedule configuration downloads, configuration uploads, device reboots, command script execution, and more. In addition, configuration backups are stored both in a relational database for archival history and as flat files in an intuitive folder structure for easy viewing.

Policy management

Ensure device compliance with federal regulations, as well as corporate standards. The Policy Reporting Manager includes policy reports such as SOX, HIPAA, CISP, and Cisco Security.

Role-based access control

Integrate your Windows Active Directory or local system user accounts with SolarWinds NCM. You can manage users based on their role and establish individual device login credentials per user. SolarWinds NCM logs all user activity allowing you to keep an archive of changes and activity.

Multiple vendor support

Monitor network devices from multiple hardware vendors in a hybrid network environment.

Bulk changes

Make changes to community strings, passwords, and black lists across many devices. Execute bulk changes either in real time or within a scheduled change window. Uploads, changes, and global command scripting can be scheduled by device type, physical location, by owner, or by a custom property.

Configuration change history

Receive reports on what devices have had configuration changes over a specified time period. Configuration change reports can also compare current configurations with a baseline configuration, alerting you whenever a change is discovered.

Configuration viewing, tracking, and comparing

Use SolarWinds NCM to remotely view, track and make changes, and compare network device configurations without logging in to the physical SolarWinds NCM server. The Orion Web Console offers these functions to the users you select.

Orion Web Console integration

SolarWinds NCM adds the following resources to the Device Details view of the Orion Web Console:

  • Recent Configurations
  • Recent Configuration Changes
  • Node Configuration History
  • Last 10 Config Changes
  • Last X Config Changes
  • Last XX Configurations
  • Find Connected Port for End Host: Added to the Config Summary view with SolarWindsNPM integration

Orion alerts integration

Use a default SolarWinds NCM alert in the Orion Alert Manager and specify actions to run when this alert triggers. View the results of those actions along with the notification.

Device configuration change templates

Use templates to generate an appropriate sequence of commands for relevant devices for which you need to make a specific configuration change.

Device configuration change management

Set up a request and approval system for processing the workflow of device configuration changes.

Device end of support and end of sales tacking

Track the end of support and sales statuses of your SolarWinds NCM nodes.

Firmware upgrades

Upgrades the firmware on many devices at one time. Because security fixes are distributed as new firmware revisions, upgrading firmware helps network administrators correct security vulnerabilities.

Network Insight for Cisco ASA firewalls

NCM supports multiple contexts in Cisco ASA firewalls. You can browse and compare Cisco ASA access control lists, and NCM identifies overlapping rules within an ACL. Use NCM's firmware upgrade templates for Cisco ASAs.


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