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Home > Success Center > Network Configuration Manager (NCM) > NCM 7.6 Download Configuration jobs do not complete and Cisco ASA Configurations do not download correctly or very slow

NCM 7.6 Download Configuration jobs do not complete and Cisco ASA Configurations do not download correctly or very slow

Updated April 18, 2017


This article provides information on the following issues:

  • The Download Configuration jobs do not complete.
  • Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) configurations return incomplete or incorrect results.
  • Cisco ASA devices take a while to respond to a download request.

Logic was added in NCM 7.6 for  <Command Name="CollectStatistic" Value="show access-list" />. After a Cisco ASA configuration is downloaded, NCM automatically sends the command on the device for show access-list.


NCM 7.6


Devices with a large number of access lists have heavy traffic, and can return millions of rows of data, but the actual configuration is only a small fraction of that data. This consumes the memory of the device, slows the configuration job progress, and then eventually stops the device or drops the connection. 

The job completes if the Collector service does not crash. 



There is a hotfix for this now at:

The hotfix is required to be installed on all Pollers.  It will stop services, run an installer and the configuration wizard.

If you are not able to install the hotfix (very highly recommended as opposed to the below workaround) a work around is below.

Again, the best option is the hotfix 

  1. Create a copy of the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Template:
    1. Click Settings > NCM Settings > Device Templates.
    2. Disable the Cisco ASA template or disable the To Use by AutoDetermine option. 
    3. Create a copy, and rename it, for example, Cisco ASA 76.
    4. In the template copy, remove the following line: <Command Name="CollectStatistic" Value="show access-list" /> 
    5. Save the template.
  2. Click Manage nodes in Settings.
    1. Group by Machine Type.
    2. Select all Cisco ASA devices.
    3. Click Edit Properties.
    4. In the NCM properties for Communication tab, set the device template to use the copied template.
  3. A copy of an ASA Device Template can be downloaded from Thwack if needed


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