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Location of NCM Advanced Logging settings

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Updated: August 3, 2016


This article provides brief information on the location of Advanced Logging settings for NCM.


All NCM versions


NCM keeps Advanced Logging settings in text file named Log.config, stored in NCM installation folder. The default location is c:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\NCM\.

When working with  the Diagnostics package, the file can be found in \ConfigFiles\NCM\ folder.

Example content of the file:


    <Log FileName="Logging\General.log" AppendLog="True">
        <Field Name="DateTime" />
        <Field Name="ModuleName" />
        <Level Name="Level_WARN" />
        <Level Name="Level_ERROR" />
        <Level Name="Level_MSG" />
        <Level Name="Level_FUNCTION" />
        <Level Name="Level_SEND" />
        <Level Name="Level_RECV" />
        <Level Name="Level_DB" />
        <Level Name="Level_SPECIAL" />
        <Level Name="Level_LOADING" />
    <Module Name="General" />



The example shows that only general logging is enabled (highlighted section). In order to verify if Scheduled Jobs logging is enabled check for existence of below line:

   <Module Name="Jobs" />


If for any reason Web Console does not work you can simply add above line to enable Scheduled Jobs logging as follows:

    <Module Name="General" />
    <Module Name="Jobs" />




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