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Value of the ${DateTime} variable is evaluated incorrectly for file names

Updated September 28, 2017


When the ${DateTime} variable is used as part of a file name, the variable is not evaluated correctly. An error similar to the following can be found in the log file:


ERROR SolarWinds.Cirrus.BusinessLayer.Jobs.Notifications.BaseJobNotification - Unable to save results to file "E:\SolarWinds_Reports\VLAN_911_Check\VLAN_911_check-9-24-2017 7:56 PM.txt" due to exception: System.NotSupportedException: The given path's format is not supported.


  • NCM 7.6 and 7.7


The ${DateTime} macro is evaluated to a value such as the following: 9-24-2017 7:56 PM. However, Windows does not support the colon character (:) in file names. 


Replace the ${DateTime} variable with other variables that do not contain the colon character (:). For example, use the following variables:

${Date} ${HH}-${Minute}


The generated file name won’t contain the colon character (:). Example:

C:\SolarWindsReports\Test-${Date} ${HH}-${Minute}.txt



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