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Unable to download configs on devices that require second authentication

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Updated October 3, 2017


This article provides an NCM template to be used on devices that requires a second authentication.

NCM connection profiles only provide the option to use single authentication and enable password. 


  • NCM, all versions


Use following lines as the actual content of the template:

<Configuration-Management Device="Brocade Devices" SystemOID="">
        <Command Name="RESET" Value="skip-page-display"/>
        <Command Name="Reboot" Value="${SaveConfig}${CR}reload${CRLF}y${CRLF}y"/>
        <Command Name="RebootAt" Value="reload at ${HH}:${NN} ${MM}-${DD}-${YY}${CRLF}Yes"/>
        <Command Name="EnterConfigMode" Value="config terminal"/>
        <Command Name="ExitConfigMode" Value="end"/>
        <Command Name="Startup" Value="configuration"/>
        <Command Name="Running" Value="running"/>
        <Command Name="DownloadConfig" Value="Show ${ConfigType}"/>
        <Command Name="UploadConfig" Value="${EnterConfigMode}${CRLF}${ConfigText}${CRLF}${ExitConfigMode}"/>
        <Command Name="DownloadConfigIndirect" Value="copy ${ConfigType} ${TransferProtocol} ${StorageAddress}
        <Command Name="UploadConfigIndirect" Value="copy ${TransferProtocol} ${ConfigType} ${StorageAddress}
${StorageFilename}  "/>        
        <Command Name="SaveConfig" Value="write memory"/>
        <Command Name="Version" Value="show version"/>
                <Command Name="FreezeLoginForPreCommand" Value="True"/>
                <Command Name="PreCommand" Value="FirstPassword"/>
                <Command Name="PreCommand" Value="enable"/>
                <Command Name="PreCommand" Value="username"/>
                <Command Name="PreCommand" Value="2nd apssword"/>

Note: There are also cases where you need to increase the Telnet/SSH Connection Timeout and Telnet/SSH Prompt Timeout depending on how long the device takes to respond to NCM commands.



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