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Training - Support Training NCM 7.1

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Important reminders about NCM version 7.1.


NCM 7.1


The following are important reminders about NCM version 7.1: 

Note: Review training documentation Power Point slides for more details.

  • Now supports SQL 2012.  No support for Windows 2012.
  • NCM now has official Additional Poller support.  Feature is off by default. Enable in NCM Settings/ Poller settings page. Each additional poller will have its own copy of NCM win32 installed on it. Jobs must be scheduled separately on each poller. 
  • NCM 7.1 supports separate server only in upgrade scenarios.  ( NPM and NCM on different servers) Fresh installs are not given choice of separate and it will install NCM server, Core and Orion Website.
  • Same installer will upgrade NCM server and NCM integration on NPM server. When upgrading from 7.0.x it will automatically detect what it should install. Upgrading from NCM 6.x it will ask questions about what mode it should install as.
  • After upgrade or enabling Additional poller feature a Node Sync is necessary.
  • If user does not see a node in the Win32 look in NCM nodes table to verify that the EngineID matches the machine they are logged into. A Node sync may be required if it is incorrect.
  • All NCM settings are now located in the NCM Settings in the web vs in the win32.
  • Needs 10.3.1 NPM Core build if running with an NPM Install
  • Any versions before v5.5 will be End of Life - Announced but only effective 1/1/2014



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