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The Interface Config widget is not displayed for some Cisco devices

Updated October 15, 2018


After you upgrade to NCM 7.8 or later, the Interface Config widget is shown on the Interface Details page for some Cisco devices, but not for all Cisco devices. This occurs even though all of the requirements for displaying the Interface Config widget have been met:


  • The selected interface is on a Cisco device
  • Both NPM and NCM are installed
  • The config file for this device has been downloaded to NCM
  • The user's NCM role is not "None"


  • NCM  7.8 and higher
  • NPM 12.3 and higher


During an upgrade, existing configurations from Cisco ASA and Cisco Nexus devices are automatically parsed to enable the Interface Config widget to display interface information. NCM will parse the configurations from other Cisco devices the next time a configuration is downloaded from the device.


If you specified that NCM should save only configs that have changed, then interface information is available only for configs that have changed since the upgrade. If a config has not been downloaded since the upgrade, NCM cannot show  interface information for that device. Therefore, when you select an interface from one of these devices, the Interface Details page does not display the Interface Config widget. 


To display interface information for a device, download the latest running config from the device. 

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