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TFTP service is running but NCM shows not started

Updated February 8, 2017


This article provides brief information and steps to resolve the issue when users are unable to download using TFTP. TFTP service is open and running. The following error displays when performing a backup using TFTP:

Unable to start TFTP service


  • The ports using Netstat -abnp show SW TFTP service is listening to UDP port 69.
  • The local system had permissions to TFTP folder.


NCM version 7.5.1


  1. Uninstall and clear TFTP target folder.
  2. Set Orion Business Layer to run plugins in separate processes:
    1. Browse to yourorionhost/orion/admin/advancedconfiguration/global.aspx.
    2. Locate Solarwinds.BussinessLayerHost.Businesslayerhostsettings.
    3. Check the ForcePluginsInSeparateProcess.
    4. Save and close for Businesslayer to restart and take effect.
  3. Test the download via TFTP.





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