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Bad Data error in NCM

Updated December 26, 2018


This article provides a resolution to the Bad Data error that can be seen in NCM. This causes issues with the configuration backup from your devices. The resolution involves resetting encrypted data as there is an issue with the certificate used to decrypt it.


  • NCM 7.6 and later


The cause of this issue is a corrupt certificate which NCM used to encrypt the data. Due to this issue, NCM is now not able to decrypt the hashed data and use it.


To resolve the issue, you will need to run the below SQL script on your database, either in Orion Database Manager or SQL Server Management Studio.

Make sure to have a database backup before executing the script.


n.Username = '',
n.Password = '',
n.EnablePassword = ''
FROM [dbo].[NCM_NodeProperties] n


UPDATE NCM_UserLevelLoginCredentials SET UserLevelName='', UserLevelPassword='', UserLevelEnablePassword=''


UPDATE NCM_GlobalSettings SET SettingValue=''
WHERE SettingName='GlobalSNMPUsername' 
  OR SettingName='GlobalUsername'
  OR SettingName='GlobalPassword'
  OR SettingName='GlobalEnablePassword' 
  OR SettingName='GlobalSNMPAuthenticationPassword' 
  OR SettingName='GlobalSNMPEncryptionPassword'


UPDATE NCM_NCMSettings SET SettingValue='' 
WHERE SettingName='SMTP Auth Username' 
  OR SettingName='RTN UserName' 
  OR SettingName='RTN UserLevelName' 
  OR SettingName='RTN UserLevelName' 
  OR SettingName='SCP User Name'
  OR SettingName='Global SMTP Use Authentication'
  OR SettingName='RTN Password' 
  OR SettingName='Global SMTP Auth Password' 
  OR SettingName='SMTP Auth Password' 
  OR SettingName='RTN UserLevelPassword' 
  OR SettingName='RTN UserLevelEnablePassword' 
  OR SettingName='SCP Password'
OR SettingNAme='Binary Config Storage UserName'
OR SettingNAme='Binary Config Storage Password'

UPDATE NCM_ConnectionProfiles SET UserName='',Password='', EnablePassword=''
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