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Restrict an account to one view only - Jobs View

Table of contents


Steps to set up a user account or user group permissions to view only the Jobs tab.


NCM 7.5 or earlier


  1. Create a non-Admin Orion account but in the NCM Part, provide the account NCM Admin rights to access the Jobs tab.
    http: //yourserver/Orion/Admin/Accounts/Accounts.aspx
    a. You can create an Account called NCMOnly.
    b. Go to Web Settings > Manage Accounts.
  2. In Edit\Create accounts:
    a. Go to http: //yourserver/Orion/Admin/Accounts/Accounts.aspx.
    b. Select the trimmed down Menu bar.
    c. Include only NCM and select None for rest.
    d. In the Default Menu bar and views, select the Menu bar for that account.
    e. To view the content of each menu bar, go to the Customize Menu Bars page.
       i. NetworkTab Menu Bar None
       ii. ApplicationsTab Menu Bar None
       iii. ConfigsTab Menu Bar         NCMOnly
      iv. NetflowTab Menu Bar         None
    Note: There are 2 Summary Views options. Create a blank web view or with some NCM resources and assign this view to the account.
  3. Limit\hide Acccounts tabs.
    Set the following to NO:
    - Show Alerts Menu
    - Show Events Menu
    - Show Syslog Menu
    - Show Traps Menu
    - Show Message Center Menu
  4. Create an NCM Only Menu bar if needed.
    You can go to Manage Menu Bars and further trim down the NCMOnlyforJobs Menu tab.
    a. Go to http: //yourserver/Orion/Admin/SelectMenuBar.aspx.
    b. Assign it to that account.


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