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RTCD job never removed from Windows Task Scheduler

Created by Interspire Import, last modified by Aileen de Lara_ret on Oct 03, 2016

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RTCD is set up and runs correctly, but related jobs are never removed from NCM or the Windows Task Scheduler.


NCM version 7.1.x


This is usually due to an obsolete setting in the NCM database for the RTCD log path. Since NCM cannot log the job's activity it will never remove the job from Windows Task Scheduler.


  1. Open the SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Connect to the NCM database
  3. Open the NCMSettings table in the NCM database
  4. Check for an RTN LogFilename entry in the table
  5. If there is an entry, delete it by issuing this SQL statement:
    delete from NCMSettings where SettingName='RTN LogFilename'
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