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NCM transfers appear hung or jobs do not complete

Updated November 19, 2018


The Transfer Status for your NCM configuration is located in the Orion Web Console. To access, click My Dashboards and select Configs > Configuration Management. 


When you click the Transfer Status tab in the Configuration Management page, several transfers appear to be spinning for an extended amount of time. Some transfers are waiting, while others are downloading. When you check the nodes that appear to be hung, the hung action has completed.


Additional issues include:

  • Slow web page loads
  • Errors timing out
  • Hung NCM jobs



The most likely cause is an overworked Orion Platform database. Additional causes can include:

  • Undersized or under-powered Orion Platform database for your deployment size 
  • Polling frequency occurs too often based on the number of elements for each Orion poller
  • Web Widget configured to pull massive amounts of data from the Orion Platform database is locked or suspended

NCM is assumed to be the issue, since there are visible, real time execution trackers that indicate an issue.


Check the polling completion rate

  1. Log in to your Orion Web Console.
  2. Click Settings > All Settings.
  3. Under Details, click Polling Engines.
  4. Check the polling completion rate. If the rate is low, modify the polling frequency so the completion rate rises to a higher percentage.

Check the Orion Poller resources

Check the resources on the Orion pollers and database to ensure there are enough resources for each application. See your product administrator guide for details.

Clear the old transfers from the Transfers page

The transfers are stored in the Orion Platform database. As the number of transfers grows in your database, you may experience database latency issues. This issue can also occur for Job logs on the Jobs page and the rtn.log file located at C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\Logs\Orion\NCM\rtn.log.

Check your widget configuration

Notify your Database Administrator to check the Orion Platform database for queries that include run times that required extended run times. The query should contain trigger words that point to the widget that may be causing the issue. 



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