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NCM config download basic requirements

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Updated February 13, 2017


Can NCM work with this device?  A common question that is posed. This article will go over basic requirements needed for NCM to work with a device.


All NCM versions


There are a few basic things to look for to determine if NCM can download a config from a device:

If these are met, there is a good chance NCM can, but even if these requirements are met, a custom device template may be required.


- Does the device have a CLI?  

- From that CLI, can one issue a command to download a configuration?

- Does the device follow industry standards in terms of echos, TCP/IP, VTY and others?

- To download a config, NCM needs to access the device via a vty session and issue a command for the the device directly.


NCM supported connections:

- Telnet and SSH V1 and V2

- Transfers can be made via Telnet, SSH, TFTP, SCP


See this link for details on how NCM connects via ssh and its supported encryption.



NCM does not have a mechanism to run a script via Windows CMD, power shell or other scripting tools.


Here is a link to help one understand an NCM Device Template. 


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