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NCM Search function does not work

Created by James Fahey, last modified by Mariusz Handke on Nov 22, 2018

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This article provides brief information and steps to resolve the issue when the NCM Search function does not work properly. 

  • NCM search results show the first 1000 items found.
  • NCM search shows no results
  • NCM shows incomplete results


All NCM versions


Note if a manual download is run and the search is run immediately after this the new configuration may not show in the search results due to a small delay in the system.

Try the following when the issue occurs:


  1. Refine your searches, if no results show, re-index the configuration search:
    1. go to Settings > NCM Settings > Search Settings
    2. locate the "Enter a path for the index catalogue on the main NCM server" field
    3. click "Apply" force a re-indexing of the configuration search (note: allow sufficient time for re-indexing to complete)
    4. optionally you may need to restart Orion services if re-indexing does not start 
  2. If indexing fails, see NCM search in 7.4 giving "Indexing in progress 0% complete" caused by NCM-NPM nodes not being in sync for more troubleshooting steps. 
  3. If indexing still fails:
    1. stop SolarWinds Module Engine
    2. go to the following path: C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\Cirrus\Lucene
    3. delete content (all files)
    4. run the Configuration Wizard
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