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NCM 7.3.x and NCM 7.4 Deployment Platforms

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Created by Bill Corgey, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article provides information about NCM version 7.3.0 where it now lies on top of Orion Core layer which incorporates shared aspects. It also has an increasing integration features with NPM.  


  • NCM version 7.3.x
  • NCM 7.4 and later


Unlike version NCM 6.0 - NCM 7.2.2, NCM and NPM cannot be integrated together if they are installed on different servers.

Things to consider:

  • When NPM and NCM are integrated together, you need to consider the resources have to be sufficient to accommodate all operations. For example, NPM requires to operate effectively and increase by 50%.
  • Once integrated, NCM and NPM will need to remain integrated unless one or the other is fully uninstalled.
  • NCM can be a standalone deployment, but it cannot be installed on the same server as NPM or any other SolarWinds Orion based products, to include additional polling engines.
  • Once a standalone, NCM cannot be integrated with an existing NPM or any other SolarWinds Orion based products without losing existing data, since it will need to use the other Core Database. NCM will need to be installed clean.


A few additional points to consider if one owns NCM and NPM:

  • NCM has to be installed on a different machine than any other Orion product, if it is, they will automatically integrate.
  • NCM will need a different Database than NPM and your other Orion Products are using.
  • Because NCM is now on a core platform, it will still poll the devices for what ever resources you have set up for the devices.
  • Interfaces and wireless information will not be available as monitored resources.


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