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Invalid input detected at ^ marker

Updated November 29, 2016


This article discusses the following error in NCM from a Cisco device:

invalid input detected at '^' marker 


All NCM versions with Cisco devices


When a command is unknown to the Cisco device (or at least at the level one is at), the error is displayed to signify that there is an issue. Hopefully, the ^  lines up with the relevant section of the command.


This is not an NCM error, but an error from the device letting the user know the command entered is not valid.


When dealing with some Nexus devices and Wireless LAN Controllers (there may be others), the Enable command is not valid and the device will terminate the session.

Verify the command with PuTTY

To overcome the error in general, whether it is a command being issued to the device from NCM or downloading a config, verify the command with PuTTY from the Orion Server the device is being polled from, as it is set up in NCM with the same login and enable credentials set up as well.  Make corrections to the script.

Nexus or WLC

In the case of Nexus or WLC, set the Enable Level in the Node properties, NCM section to No Enable.

Banner contains a password

If your banner includes a Password: (like on the example below) then change your banner and remove it.


If the issue is unresolved

If neither resolves the issue, please contact Technical Support and refer to this article.




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