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How to specify a particular email recipient for NCM Real Time Change Detection Notification

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Created by Bill Corgey, last modified by Melanie Boyd on Jun 15, 2018

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Updated: June 9, 2016


There are times when changes to a node's configuration in NCM need to be sent to different recipients based on the node and not a single global configuration. This article addresses an effective way to do this.


NCM, all versions


  1. The process includes setting up a custom property in Orion to assign an email address to per node.  For Example "RTN_Email"
    1. Steps to create a Custom property: Click Here.
  2. Assigned the appropriate email address to your NCM nodes. This can be done by editing the node individually or mass editing a group of nodes that would have the same value for the email address. The simplest way to do this is to use pre-existing custom properties or groups group of Nodes. In this example, each Node has already been assigned to specific departments, and each department wants to only receive notifications for Nodes assigned to them. In this case, go to Settings > Mangage Nodes and group nodes by Department and select the group you want to add a like email address to.

   3. Select all of the nodes in the group or select the specific ones and click Edit Properties.

   4. Add the appropriate email to the RTN_EMail custom Property.

   5. Click Submit at the bottom of the page to commit the change.

   6. Repeat for all groups or nodes participating in Real Time Change Detection.

   7. Edit the Real Time Change Detection settings in NCM (go to Settings > NCM Settings > Configure Real Time Change detection). Go to step 4 and set the value for the email to be the Macro to match. In this example, it would be ${RTN_Email}.


    8. Submit the changes.

Now when a Change is detected via Real Time Change Detection, the email address will be equal to the value set in the custom property.



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