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ERROR - Exception caught in method Invoke System.OutOfMemoryException

Created by Marjune Obana, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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The following error appears when you save the Nightly Config Backup History in the Jobs list.


ERROR SolarWinds.InformationService.Core.InformationService - Exception caught in method Invoke
System.OutOfMemoryException: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.


Also you might see:


BusinessLayerHost log

ERROR SolarWinds.BusinessLayerHost.BusinessLayerHostService - Unhandled exception caught by business layer host. System.OutOfMemoryException: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.

Sender: Name:domain-SolarWinds.NCM.BusinessLayerPlugin.dll


In NcmBusinessLayerPlugin log

ERROR SolarWinds.NCM.BusinessLayerPlugin.NcmBusinessLayerPlugin - Unhandled exception.System.OutOfMemoryException: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.

ERROR SolarWinds.Orion.Common.SWEventLogging - Unhandled exception: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.


NCM 7.4.1 and later


The file has not been cleared and has grown to big


  1. In the Jobs List, select the Job Name. For example, Nightly Config Backup.
  2. Click the History button.
  3. Click the Clear Log button.



Note: It usually takes more than 30 seconds for this action to complete without any progress seen on the screen. 


If you will not be able to clear this through the Web Console please follow steps below:


1. Database Manager

2. Click Add default server

3. Double-click NCM_NCMJobs

4. Delete the original query (SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM [dbo].[NCM_NCMJobs])

5. Paste the new query:


UPDATE [dbo].[NCM_NCMJobs]



6. Click execute query, it should say something like: (10 row(s) affected). 

The amount of rows depends on how many jobs you have so yours could be different.


7. Double-click NCM_NCMJobs again

8. Execute the original query (SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM [dbo].[NCM_NCMJobs])

9. Scroll to the right until you see JobLog column

10. Make sure that all the values there are NULL


This will not cause any downtime or issue with functioning. This will clear all old logs that cause the process to run out of memory.



If the error persists,

  1. Select the job.
  2. Click Disable.
  3. Click Duplicate Job.
  4. Click Start Job.
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