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Download Cisco ASA xml files with NCM

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Updated: September 16, 2016


This article describes how you can download the Cisco ASA XML files with NCM. You need to nightly back up XML files from Cisco ASA SSL VPN firewalls like the example below:

F5520-VPN-PUB-L3# more disk0:pll_employee.xml
F5520-VPN-PUB-L3# more disk0:pll_external.xml
F5520-VPN-PUB-L3# more disk0:dap.xml

These are not included in the show running output.


  • NCM version 7.4 and later


  1. Create new config types since these are not considered either running or startup configs.  
  2. Open the Web Console and go to Settings.
  3. Go to NCM Settings and then click Configs.  
  4. Add three config types. 
  5. Name them exactly as follows and submit the changes on the page:


  • pll_employee
  • pll_external
  • dap


Next step will be to add the config types just created to the Desired template.

In this example I will edit a copy of the Cisco adaptive security appliance template:

  1. Go to Settings>NCM settings>Device Templates
  2. Select the Cisco Adaptive Security appliance and Edit. (This will force one to make a copy)
  3. Need to add the Newly added Config types to the Template so NCM will know the command to issue when selecting the specified config when downloading. See Below for the example:

<!--SolarWinds Network Management Tools-->
<!--Copyright 2007 SolarWinds.Net All rights reserved-->
<Configuration-Management Device="Cisco ASA" SystemOID="">
        <Command Name="RESET" Value="terminal pager 0"/>
        <Command Name="Reboot" Value="reload noconfirm"/>
        <Command Name="EnterConfigMode" Value="config terminal"/>
        <Command Name="ExitConfigMode" Value="quit"/>
        <Command Name="Startup" Value="show startup"/>
        <Command Name="Running" Value="show running"/>
        <Command Name="pll_employee" Value="more disk0:pll_employee.xml"/>
        <Command Name="pll_external" Value="more disk0:pll_external.xml"/>
        <Command Name="dap" Value="more disk0:dap.xml"/>
        <Command Name="DownloadConfig" Value="${ConfigType}"/>
        <Command Name="UploadConfig" Value="${EnterConfigMode}${CRLF}${ConfigText}${CRLF}${ExitConfigMode}"/>
        <Command Name="DownloadConfigIndirect" Value="write net ${StorageAddress}:/${StorageFilename}"/>
        <Command Name="EraseConfig" Value="write erase${CRLF}Yes"/>
        <Command Name="SaveConfig" Value="write memory"/>
        <Command Name="Version" Value="show version"/>



Now once the specified config type is selected, NCM will have the proper instructions to issue the commands to the device


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