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Create a report in NCM

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Created by Bill Corgey, last modified by Melanie Boyd on Jan 22, 2019

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Updated March 11th, 2016


This article describes how to create a report in NCM using an existing report as a base. Reporting in NCM has been integrated with Orion reports and can now be configured, copied or modified as a report in NPM or any other SolarWinds Orion Core application.

In previous versions, NCM reports were configured or modified in the NCM Win 32 application. Legacy reports can still be viewed in the NCM Inventory Reports in the Orion Web Console but cannot be modified.


NCM, all supported versions


Note: The following example describes how to modify a report of all nodes that are added to NCM to remove unnecessary columns.


  1. On the Orion Web Console, go to Home > Reports > Manage Reports.
  2. Select the NCM Inventory Report Category.
  3. When the NCM Inventory reports are displayed, select Physical Entities (Serial Number) v2.
  4. Select Duplicate & Edit from the menu.
  5. Rename the report as preferred.
  6. In the Content section, click Edit Table.
  7. Remove the unnecessary columns.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Click Next to go to the preview page.
  10. Check the Preview page and click Next to the Properties page.
  11. Set the report category, add comments or add a limitation to the report as preferred and click next to the Schedule Report page.
  12. Set a schedule and add actions if you prefer to run this report on a routine basis.
    Note: Multiple actions can be added and do not require each action to be set up independently.
  13. Click Next to the Summary page.
  14. Click Submit.


See the following documentation for more information:


See the following videos on creating a report:


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