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Comparison criteria ignoring variable lines On WLC devices

Created by Jeremy Ruth, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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When configs from a WLC device are used for comparison, you see several flags for changes of lines that have a variable output. For example, system uptime. 


All NCM versions


If you are using ssh or telent set to transfer the configs, the default command is show run-config. This is a very verbose output of everything that is happening on the config. This output is likely to change from one moment to the next and is not recommended.

Even with using the best method of TFTP (as this is an actual config file), there will always be a change. That is the file name of the file being transferred. This is because NCM has to name the file to transfer and it will be a random file name each time.


Change the protocol for transfer configs using, to TFTP. 

  1. Test by navigating to the node in question and edit the node or edit the properties on the node
  2. Scroll down to the connection profile section and manually enter the credentials to log in to the device.
  3. For the Transfer Configs Using option, select TFTP. 
  4. Download a new running config. There is not different running or startup config on a Cisco WLC.
  5. Compare those two configs. 
  6. You will see that the lines such as system uptime no longer show.
  7. If this works, you may need to update the connection profile that the WLC devices are using, to transfer configs using TFTP.
  8. You will need to set a comparison criteria to ignore the Filename in NCM.


Click here for instructions and example of creating a comparison criteria



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