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Cisco Wireless Lan Controller/WLC device template

Created by John Salvani, last modified by Melanie Boyd on Jun 15, 2018

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Use this device template if you are unable to download configs from your Cisco Wireless Lan Controller device.


NCM, all supported versions


This problem occurs because this particular device template is not yet added on the NCM or the device is set to auto determine and is not using the correct template.  



  1. For NCM 7.3.x and previous, Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\NCM\DeviceTypes directory on your NCM server. For NCM 7.4 the Templates are in the Database and accessed, modified and created in the Orion Web -- Settings>NCM settings>Device templates. For NCM 7.7, go to Settings\All Settings\ Manage Device Templates 
  2. Locate the Cisco WLC device template
  3.  NCM 7.3.x and before edit the template in notepad, for NCM 7.4, click edit and then with the xml editor (NCM will force a duplicate and Edit)
  4. Only two lines need to be modified -- The "Reset" command and the "DownloadConfig" command
  5. After Edit they would be  

<Command Name="Reset" Value="config paging disable"/>

<Command Name="DownloadConfig" Value="show run-config commands"/>

  6. After the changes have been made save the files

  7. In the communications section, for the template set it to the Cisco WLC and not auto-determine

  8. Set the Request Configs to use TFTP if open on your network, the same as is set to request otherwise



If you have TFTP open on the network It is recommended to use TFTP as it can be pushed back to a device for recovery. One is not able to upload the information gathered back to a device if it is gathered with the sho run-config or show run-config commands.  However, it will at least have the information needed for a manual reconfiguration if needed.

***End Note***


   9.  Need to extend the protocol time outs in NCM to accommodate the length of time it takes to transfer the file:

From the Web console go to: Settings>NCM settings>Network>Protocol settings

Under the Telnet/SSH settings for the

TELNET/SSH Prompt Timeout, change from 15 seconds to 120 Seconds.

and the TELNET/SSH Connection Timeout to 130


At this time if NCM is correctly configured with the username, password and the enable level is set to "No Enable" you should be able to get the config downloaded for the Cisco WLC.





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