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Baseline config migration during an upgrade to NCM 7.9

Updated October 31, 2018


NCM 7.9 introduces multi-device baselines. If you identified baseline configurations in previous NCM releases, the upgrade process will create new multi-device baselines based on your existing baseline configs.


If you have a large number of baselines, baseline migration can increase the time required to upgrade.


  • NCM 7.9


What's the difference between baselines in earlier versions and NCM 7.9 multi-device baselines?

In previous versions, baselines in NCM were simply configs that had been flagged as a baseline (that is, the config type was "Baseline"). Each baseline applied to only one device. 


In NCM 7.9, a baseline is a template that defines an approved configuration or part of an approved configuration (a snippet). After you define the baseline, you can assign it to multiple devices to ensure consistency. If you define baseline snippets, you can assign multiple snippets to each device.


>> Learn more about multi-device baselines

What happens during the upgrade?

When you upgrade to NCM 7.9, the upgrader:


  • Identifies each device with a config flagged as "Baseline."
  • Uses the most recently downloaded config flagged as "Baseline" to create a new, multi-device baseline.
  • Assigns the new baseline to the device. 
  • Changes all configs whose type is "Baseline" to the config type "Favorite."

    The config type "Favorite" has been added in NCM 7.9 to identify configs that were flagged as baselines in previous versions.

Do I need to do anything?

You can use NCM 7.9 without making any changes to the migrated baselines. However, to ensure that the same configuration is applied across similar devices, SolarWinds recommends that you choose one migrated baseline and make it the baseline for multiple devices. For example, edit the migrated baseline assigned to a Cisco ASA device, and then assign that baseline to all Cisco ASA devices. To do this:


  1. Identify lines where differences are expected (such as the hostname) and either choose to ignore the lines or use global comparison criteria to exclude the lines from comparison.  
  2. Assign the baseline to multiple devices.
  3. Delete the other migrated baselines that the upgrader assigned to this set of devices. 


For more information about creating and assigning baselines, see Establish baselines as a comparison point for config changes

Other changes

To learn about other changes related to baseline management in NCM 7.9, see the Baseline migration and other changes for upgrading customers section of the NCM 7.9 release notes. 


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