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How to Create / Schedule a Config Change Report

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Created by Ivan Zlatkov, last modified by Melanie Boyd on Jun 14, 2017

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How to Create / Schedule a report that would display configuration changes made based on a specified criteria.


  • NCM 7.2 and above


  1. Log in to your Orion Web Console and choose CONFIGS -> Jobs.
  2. Click Create a New Job.
  3. Give the job a title.
  4. Select "Generate A Config Change Report" for a job type.
  5. Pick a schedule. Click Next.
  6. Select Nodes for which you want to run the report. Click Next.
  7. Choose "Save Results To File" and fill in the Path and filename details and/or configure email notification. Click Next.
  8. Configure the job specific details: 
    • Compare most recent Download to the Runing Startup, or Baseline Config:
      This displays all the differences between the last downloaded configuration file and most recent version of the selected configuration type.
    • Compare the most recent Download to the Configuration on a specified date:
      This shows all differences between the most recent downloaded configuration file and a configuration file from the specified date.
      Note: If no configuration file was downloaded on the specified date, the next configuration file downloaded after that date is used.
    •  Show changes made over the past ## days:
      This shows you all changes that were made over the specified number of days.
    • Show changes made between one date and another:
      This shows you all changes that were made over the specified date range.
    • Select Only send devices that had changes, as needed.
  9. Click Next and then Finish.



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16:17, 14 Jun 2017