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F5 Big-IP .ucs binary configuration file backup

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Created by Ivan Zlatkov, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article describes the issue in backing up binary files in NCM as it is not supported. The Execute Script is used to initiate a backup to SCP server.

Note: NCM is unable to manage the files and it would only be used to initiate the file transfer to your SCP server.


NCM version 7.1 through NCM 7.4.x

NCM 7.5 now has the ability to download binary files to a directory with a Template.


  1. Go to the Web Console and click CONFIGS.
  2. Click Configuration Management and choose Execute Script (you can also accomplish this by executing through scheduled job)
  3. Go to the Web Console and click CONFIGS. 
  4. Create a job. (Should be a Job specifically for "Execute Command Script")


In either case the script should be something similar to the following:

This script will have the device create a file named device name_date.ucs locally

Then it will scp the .ucs file to the SFTP root on the NCM server or and SCP server on wishes to use


tmsh save /sys ucs ${SysName}_${Date}.ucs


scp /var/local/ucs/${SysName}_${Date}.ucs NSEuser@10.1.x.x:${SysName}_${Date}.ucs



Since we are using a delay in the script, we need to ensure the timeouts set in NCM are set as not to disconnect before the delay has expired

The Protocol settings must be set to the same or greater as the delay (default delay in NCM for the Connection timeout is 45 seconds) 


From the web:

Settings>NCM settings>Protocol Settings


Set the Telnet/SSH Connection Timeout to match or exceed the seconds for the Delay in the script.  In this case, it is 120 seconds




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