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Error when downloading configs for F5 devices

Updated March 7, 2017


When trying to download a configuration for an f5 device, NCM is trying to send TMSH commands. 

When the user that has been assigned to the device does not have rights to issue the comment from a TMOS level, the login validation may pass but the download will fail.

Syntax Error: An unexpected argument "tmsh" can be seen in the session trace, or if one would log in to the devices CLI with the same credentials from an application like Putty or Secure CRT, and issue a tmsh command, like tmsh show /system version.


All NCM versions


Provide the f5 user an administrator role to switch the bash and issue the command.

To do this:

  1. From the Web Console, go to settings > NCM settings > Device Templates and look for the the f5 BIG IP Device template.
  2. Turn the Use for Auto Detect to Off.
  3. Edit the Device Template(this will force a copy).
  4. Rename the copy then set the Use for auto-detect to Yes.


Modify the following command:

<Command Name="RESET" Value=""/>

Use the same line and add run /util bash:

<Command Name="RESET" Value="run /util bash" RegEx="#"/>


The RegEx=''#'' was added at the end of the command since the prompt will change from (TMOS)# to maybe (standby)~#. This will tell NCM to accept the # as the prompt regardless of what precedes it. 


Note:  According to F5 article K10272, remote users attempting to run this command that do not have advanced shell privileges see the following error:

Syntax Error: "bash" unexpected argument"


Last modified
17:08, 6 Mar 2017