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Downloaded configs do not display entire configuration

Created by Dexter Padilla, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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Downloaded configs are incomplete and device is using a prompt ">".


NCM version 7.4



By default NCM search for command mode prompt inside any received line (InString). When prompt is found- NCM assume this is end of command execution. Customer had as command mode prompt ‘>’ character.


That character appears in config line:
add responder action 200ok respondwith "\"HTTP/1.1 200 \nOK\\r\\n\\r\\n\" + \"<html></html>\"".
As result NCM stop config capture after that line since it found command mode prompt there.
UseExactPromptMatch option tell NCM to not search command mode prompt inside received device lines. When this option is set to true NCM will wait to receive from device single line which contain ONLY ‘>’ character and only after that recognize this as command mode prompt.


1. Set device command mode prompt to something like DeviceName> instead of just > (highly recommended)

2. If customize device command mode prompt is not possible >> set command in device template


<Command Name="UseExactPromptMatch" Value="true"/>


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21:05, 22 Jun 2016



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