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Doubled File Extension for Download Configs in NCM

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Created by Verwin Ubana, last modified by Verwin Ubana on Oct 05, 2018

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Updated: October 5, 2018


Having doubled extension of the downloaded file is a known issue. Due to these double extensions, the customer is flooded with Antivirus alert detection. 


  • NCM 7.7
  • NCM 7.8


- The ".tmp.bat" files are generated by Solarwinds ConfigDiff Engine and are cleaned after a comparison.

- To work around the issue, add the AV rule exempting the NCM location.

- This is already a known issue with NCM and Solarwinds DevTeam are currently working on this

- BUG Number: NCM-3595. 




- this is now resolved in NCM7.8 Hotfix 1




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