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Device type and model data in SNMP

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Updated February 9, 2017


You may need to see the device details including the exact model name and IOS versions.


NCM 7.5.1 and earlier


With Orion the machine type is derived from the Sysobject OID In some devices like, as an example, the Cisco 3750 devices this would display as 37xx and not 3750 or 3760 etc.


You may need to collect the exact model number of their devices for reporting.


Orion collects the device 'Description using and this would contain details on the software installed which usually contains the exact model like:-

. = STRING: "Cisco IOS Software, C3750 Software (C3750-IPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.2(55)SE10, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)
Technical Support:
Copyright (c) 1986-2015 by Cisco Systems, Inc.
Compiled Wed 11-Feb-15 11:40 by prod_rel_team"


This can be displayed in a report using the description column.


There are no single OIDs that display specifically the exact model number of the devices.



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