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Home > Success Center > Network Configuration Manager (NCM) > Authentication failed or Timeout error appears when downloading configs from Catalyst 29408 TF

Authentication failed or Timeout error appears when downloading configs from Catalyst 29408 TF

Created by John Salvani, last modified by Bill Corgey on Aug 14, 2017

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The following errors occur when downloading a configuration from a Cisco Catalyst 29408 TF device:

  • Authentication failed
  • Timeout


All NCM versions


There may be a slight delay with the device sending the information NCM is waiting on, and NCM in turns send a CRLF to get a response.  If the device has already sent username prompt, and then the CRLF would be passed as the username credential, resulting in a bad username/password  combo.


This can be circumvented by adding a delay to a template for a pre-command, in essence allowing the device more time to send all the data before NCM will send the CRLF.

  1. Make copy of original Cisco IOS device template, and then assign it to device.
  2. Go to NCM Settings > Device Template > Edit the Copy of the Cisco IOS device template and add the following lines to template using XML editor:
    <Command Name="PreCommand" Value="${ENTER}" Delay="1000"/>
  3. Set this copy not to be used with AutoDetermine
  4. To finish, click Save.
  5. Apply this template to the Cisco devices experiencing this issue.


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