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Apply a compliance rule with config block using RegEx to selected interface types

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Created by Bill Corgey, last modified by Bill Corgey on Feb 20, 2017

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There are times when a compliance rule needs to be confined to a subset of interfaces already in group and needs to be dealt with differently than a standard Config Block.


NCM 7.4


Create the policy rule in the web

  1. In the advanced section, set the criteria you are searching for.
  2. in the search Config File/Block, select the Config Block.
  3. Lay out the criteria of the section(s) of the config where NCM needs to look at.

For this example, I want to search several different interfaces, but not all

I want to look at any block that starts with interface serial, interface test1, interface test2 or interface multilink

  1. The RegEx for the config block start would be:
    interface serial*.*|interface test1*.*|interface test2*.*|interface multilink*.*
  2. The RegEx for the config block end would be:



Note:  RegEx patterns used in the Config block is a single line expression.  Multi-line expressions used will not be fully recognized.  



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07:34, 20 Feb 2017