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Unmonitored protocols detected by NTA performance counter monitored by SAM

Updated June 21, 2017


The performance counter for a NetFlow service monitored by SAM returns multiple values for the PDU Dropped: Unmonitored Protocol monitor.


All NTA versions


SolarWinds NTA monitors only 146 protocols and the industry has more than 146 protocols. There may be protocols passing through that are not enabled or monitored and may cause the performance counter status to show as critical, depending on the frequency that these protocols are detected. 


You can see the list of protocols in Settings > Product Settings > NTA Settings > Monitored Protocols.


As a workaround, you can determine the threshold by using the Automatic Baseline Calculation for SAM to check the historical data for performances counters that it received for the NetFlow service.


  1. Go to your SAM application and access the server.
  2. Edit the application and check the service.
  3. Locate and expand the NetFlow service performance counter.
  4. Overwrite the threshold and click Use Automatic Baseline Calculation.


Last modified
22:18, 22 Jun 2017