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Rollback a Netflow Traffic Analyzer installation after an upgrade failure

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If you encounter an upgrade failure, please follow the steps to roll back to the previous version of Netflow Traffic Analyzer (NTA).

  1. Before doing any work on your database please make sure that you have a current backup, as this will make a permanent change to your database - How to Backup/Restore the Orion Database.
  2. Uninstall the existing version of the NTA by executing the NTA uninstall utility - Un-installation Utility for Fully Removing Orion NTA.
  3. Restore the Orion database from the backup taken before the upgrade.
    Note: You will lose data which was collected or added after the upgrade.
  4. Re-install the previous version of NTA on the server by executing the installer executable file.
  5. Repair Orion Core Installation - Repairing Orion Core Services.
  6. Repair Orion NPM Installation - Repairing Orion NPM Installation.
  7. Run Configuration Wizard - Running Configuration Wizard.

Applies to Version

NTA V3.11 and V4.0.

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