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Replicator is not sending data to NTA

Updated: October 11, 2016



If the devices are sending Netflow data to a replicator and no data is seen in NTA, then this article can explain what to check on the replicator device and SolarWinds side. 


  • All versions of NTA



This is because the replicator is not sending Netflow data to the SolarWinds Netflow collector. 


  1. Run Wireshark on SolarWinds server for the device using a filter: host <IP> and udp port 2055.
  2. If no data is seen making it to the SolarWinds server, proceed to step 3. 
  3. Investigate if any packets are being sent form the Replicator.
  4. If no packets are being sent, proceed to step 5. 
  5. Reboot Replicator device.
  6. Rebuild policy for Netflow traffic on the replicator device.


Last modified
13:03, 17 Oct 2016