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Orion failure error occurs during alert attempt to trigger an Email as Web Page action

Created by Dexter Padilla, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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In some Orion installations, particularly those that include Orion Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA), an error similar to the following may occur when an alert attempts to trigger the Email as Web Page action:

2010-10-13 16:50:25,802 [6] WARN All - Failure - Was unable to send email message to "EmailAddress". Error Detail - EXCEPTION STACK: --> Unknown Error : CDO.Message.1 : at Interop.cdosys.MessageClass.CreateMHTMLBody(String URL, CdoMHTMLFlags Flags, String UserName, String Password) at AlertingEngine.SolarWinds.SWActions.ActionEmailURL.AsyncMailToSend.SendThis(Object state);;; - Email message sent via SMTP Server SMTPServer To:"EmailAddress" CC: bcc: From:"ErrorName" Subject:ErrorMessageSubject Body:Device



  • All Orion versions, Netflow, NTA




Having Windows Authentication enabled and turning it off for the pages you want the configured alert to send as web pages causes the error.


To turn off Windows Authentication for selected web console views:

  1. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  2. Click + to expand OrionServer > Web Sites > SolarWinds NetPerfMon > Orion.
  3. Click Orion to show all web console views (*.aspx) in the right pane.
  4. For each view you want to send as a web page, complete the following steps to disable Windows Authentication:
    Note: If Orion NTA is installed and you are trying to send an Orion NTA view as a web page, you must disable Windows Authentication for both/Orion/TrafficAnalysis/Utils/AlertRedirect.aspx and/Orion/TrafficAnalysis/Utils/AlertRedirect.aspx.cs.
    • For Windows Server 2003:
      1. Double-click the view in the right pane.
      2. On the File Security tab, click Edit in the Authentication and Access Control area.
      3. Confirm that Enable anonymous access is checked.
      4. Confirm that Integrated Windows authentication is cleared.
      5. Click OK on the Authentication Methods window.
      6. Click OK on the View Properties window.
    • For Windows Server 2008:
      1. Right-click on the view in the directory tree, and then click Switch to Features View.
      2. Double-click Authentication in the IIS area in the right pane.
      3. Right-click Anonymous Authentication, and then click Enable.
      4. Right-click Windows Authentication, and then click Disable.

It is possible that Email as Web Page actions may still not work. If this is the case, the following steps have fixed a related issue:

  1. Confirm that Anonymous Access is enabled for the entire Orion website.
  2. Ignore any inheritance override messages related to the files for which you disabled Windows Authentication above.
  3. Restore Windows Authentication to the Orion website, and then confirm that the views you want to send as web pages are allowed anonymous access, as above.





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