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NetFlow data from Arista switches

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Created by Michael Almadova, last modified by Rodim Suarez on Jan 16, 2017

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This article briefly discusses NTA support for NetFlow data sent to the collector from Arista switches.


All NTA versions


Arista switches use sFlow technology to export flow data.  sFlow sends out two types of flows, Flow Samples and Counter Samples in the flow data.  Solarwinds Netflow only supports layer 3 Flow Sample type of flows.  Counter Samples consist of Layer 2 counters that are not currently supported by NTA.  There has been some reported  instances where majority of the flows being exported by the devices are Counter Samples with very few Flow Sample flows.  This causes Netflow graphs to show very little flow data compared to interface utilization. This can be confirmed by performing a Wireshark capture and investigate teh flow data.  Refer to the Arista switch manual


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