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Monitor bandwidth utilization using Flow Navigator filters

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Updated: March 14, 2017

Use the Flow Navigator application to filter your SolarWinds NTA views and add them directly to the Views toolbar.

While there are many ways to filter the data, this scenario assumes you have identified consumers of interface bandwidth, and you want to create a filtered view that includes the interface, so that you can keep close track of bandwidth utilization.

  1. From the NetFlow Interface Details page, click Flow Navigator.


  2. In Time period, select Relative Time Period > 1 month.


  3. In Flow Direction, select Ingress.


  4. In Advanced Applications, select youtube.


  5. Click Submit.



You can configure your custom traffic view to include devices, applications, time periods, and more from one configuration pane. With Flow Navigator, you can filter out identified consumers of interface bandwidth, analyze traffic patterns over the course of months, days, or minutes, and collect data for bandwidth capacity planning and analysis.

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