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Having a unified ticketing and asset management system for all the departments in your company can provide end-users with a seamless experience and make things easier for your IT team. Yet, with different business tasks and objectives, many departments don’t fully understand the capabilities of Web Help Desk and how the software can be customized for effective use in their departments.
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Install the SolarWinds NTA Flow Storage Database

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Updated: March 14, 2017

Before you begin

  • The NTA Flow Storage Database must be installed before installing SolarWinds NTA.
  • Access the Customer Portal to download the installation files.
  • Install the SolarWinds NTA Flow Storage Database on a different server than the SolarWinds Orion database, so that incoming flows do not affect performance of the Flow Storage Database.
  • Do not install the SolarWinds NTA Flow Storage Database on a polling engine (main or additional), because it might affect its performance.
  • Use a dedicated disk to store flow data.
  • Do not run anti-virus software or any other file scanning application over data in the SolarWinds NTA Flow Storage Database. File scanning applications affect the database performance and may prevent the database from running properly.
  • Ensure the NTA Flow Storage Database server meets the NTA Flow Storage Database requirements.
  • Install SolarWinds NPM.
  • Collect the host name or IP address of the Orion database, the Orion database name, and credentials.

How to install the NTA Flow Storage Database

  1. Log in to the server where you want to store your flow data.
  2. Launch the installation file SolarWinds-Orion-NTA-<version>.exe from the download location. The installer used is the same as for installing SolarWinds NTA on the application server.
  3. Review the Welcome information, and click Next.
  4. Select I Would Like to Install the NTA Flow Storage Database on This Server.
  5. Enter the details for accessing the SolarWinds Orion database:
    1. In the Orion database server field, enter a valid host name or an IP address of the server where the Orion SQL database is installed.
    2. In the Orion database user name and password field, enter the SQL database credentials.

      The default Orion database user name is SolarWindsOrionDatabaseUser. You specified the password in the Configuration wizard when you installed SolarWinds NPM.

    3. Select a database, and click Test Connection.
    4. Click Next to continue.
  6. Specify the installation folder, and click Next. The best practice is to install the Flow Storage Database on a disk other than C:\.
  7. Click Install.
  8. When the installation completes, click Finish.

After you install the NTA Flow Storage Database, you can install an evaluation or production copy of SolarWinds NTA.

Last modified
02:45, 3 Apr 2017