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NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Getting Started Guide

Updated March 31, 2017


Welcome to the SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) Getting Started Guide. This guide takes you from installation to implementation and includes the following sections:

  • How SolarWinds NTA works: How flow analysis and CBQoS function.
  • Production installation: How to install SolarWinds NTA into an existing SolarWinds Orion deployment.
  • Evaluation installation: How to install an evaluation copy of SolarWinds NTA.
  • Set up your flow environment: How to correctly set up your flow environment and process flow data.
  • Populate SolarWinds NTA with devices: How to add discovered devices to SolarWinds NTA.
  • Identify consumers of interface bandwidth: How to identify which users, apps, and locations are consuming bandwidth.
  • Plan for interface bandwidth capacity: How to report on current and historical performance to plan for business needs.


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10:33, 13 Jul 2017