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NTA reporting shows incorrect ingress and egress data

Updated October 12, 2016


When creating a report that filters out one node using the Netflow Flow History the data shown is incorrect. The ingress and egress data display values that do not exist when looking at the charts for the specific interfaces.


All NTA versions


This happens when using the egress or ingress ID as one of the queries. Some entities are blocked or filtered out when they are unrelated to the modifier selected, which in this case is Netflow Flows by history. This is by design and if you would like these entities filtered out so they are not available to display, a feature request can be submitted. 


  1. Create a custom table.
  2. Select Netflow Flow By Interface History. You will only be able to use the columns for that Orion Object (Ingress Bytes, Egress Bytes, NodeID and InterfaceID).





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