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NTA Virtual Interface reporting traffic instead of desired interface

Created by Daniel Polaske, last modified by Jie Y Lee on Mar 07, 2018

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This article discusses the issue where a number of unmonitored interfaces are reported data as the following:


NTA Interface #### 


*where #### is a sequential number


This implies that the NTA Collector is receiving flows from a managed node but one that is not responding via SNMP, and thus unable to associate a known interface with the flow conversation data.


All NTA environments


Devices configured to export NetFlow are sometimes able to export the NetFlow summarization packets to the NTA Collector with a source address that does not match an existing node.  In addition, this can be caused by using the Null interface to export data.


Configure the device to export Netflow using the source address that matches the existing node IP address (which should also respond via SNMP).  Alternatively, please do not use the Null interface to export flow data. The steps for making this configuration change can vary from device to device. SolarWinds recommends searching for vendor documentation as this is can be very different depending on make/model/IOS version.


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