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SolarWinds NTA port requirements

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Updated: September 13, 2017

Review and open ports for NetFlow Traffic Analyzer to support communication for the main polling engine, Orion SQL server, additional polling engines, web server, and additional web server. These ports include feature specific requirements including Orion agents, High Availability, and component monitors and templates.

80TCPWorld Wide Web Publishing Service


Port used for web console and any other web servers.


Port for outbound traffic if NetBIOS name resolution is turned on. When NTA is trying to resolve the NetBIOS names of servers in their conversations, you may find a large amount of outbound UDP 137 traffic from the NTA collector to a number of external addresses. You can confirm the traffic by using the Flow Navigator to match the outbound connections to existing conversations.

This is normal behavior when NetBIOS is enabled. An easy way to demonstrate the behavior is to disable NetBIOS in NTA and watch all outbound connections terminate.




SolarWinds Job Engine v2Outbound Port used for sending and receiving SNMP information including polling CBQoS-enabled devices. 
1433TCPSolarWinds Collector ServiceOutboundPort used for communication between the NTA Flow Storage Database and the existing SQL server. 
2055UDPSolarWinds Collector ServiceInboundPort for receiving flows on any SolarWinds NTA collector. 
5671TCPRabbitMQBidirectionalRabbit MQ messaging. 
17777TCPSolarWinds Information ServiceBidirectionalPort for sending and receiving traffic between SolarWinds NPM and other Orion Modules. 
17778HTTPS and TCPSolarWinds Information ServiceBidirectionalOpen to access the SolarWinds Information Service API and agent communication. 
17791TCPSolarWinds AgentBidirectionalOpen for agent communication on any SolarWinds Orion server running Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. 
Device-specific   Any port required by a specific device. 

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