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NTA Flow Storage Database is out of space

Created by Michael Almadova, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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The NTA Resources data is not populating under the Resources section, and the Last Received Netflow information reflects under Netflow Sources.


  • NTA 4.1.0 - NTA 4.1.1
  • NPM 11.5.2
  • Server 2008 - Server 2012


The NTA Flow Storage Database is out of space. 


  1. Locate the NTA Flow Storage Database. Go to Settings > NTA Settings > Database Settings.
  2. Go to NTA Flow Storage Database server and open the NTA Flow Storage Configurator application.
    Note: The logs will reflect the database is out of space both in the astBitServerService and NTA.BusinessLayer
  3. Check the path listed for the location of the NTA Flow Storage Database. 
  4. Check the hard drive in the Windows server. 

You may need to free some space if it is full. If you do increase the disk drive space then:

  1. Run the NTA Flow Storage Configuration application tool.
  2. Restart the Netflow service. 

To reclaim  space

  1. Reduce the data retention and once maintenance is run the space will be recovered.
    Note: The Resources and Netflow Sources data should now appear under their corresponding sections. 
  2. Set the Top Talkers to reduce the data been in the Netflow database.

Note: The difference between NTA 3.x and 4.x is 3.x only stored 1-4 hours of uncompressed data. By default, version 4.x now stores 30 days uncompressed.

If you are primarily using Orion NTA to determine the "top talkers" on your network, you are probably storing a lot of unnecessary data in your Orion DB.

To enable the Top Talker Optimization to improve the performance of your installation:

  1. Navigate to NTA Settings in Orion Admin.
  2. Set Top Talker Optimization to 95%.
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20:55, 22 Jun 2016