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NTA 4.0.3 Hotfix 1

Updated: September 19, 2014

Fixed issues

This hotfix addresses the following issues:

  • Sampled NetFlow v9 is not monitored correctly when incoming packets contain SamplerID > 255.
  • Processing of NetFlow v9 flows where the SourceID field does not match the template.


  • NTA 4.0.3 (64-bit version).


  • This hotfix applies only to the 64-bit version of NTA.
  • Install this hotfix on all pollers, both main and additional.

Installation instructions

  1. Make a backup of the files "SolarWinds.Netflow.Processing.dll", "SolarWinds.Netflow.Processing.Core.dll", "NetFlowService.exe.config" and "NetflowTemplateSchemas.xml", by default located in %Program Files (x86)%\SolarWinds\Orion\NetFlowTrafficAnalysis\.
  2. Stop the NetFlow Service using the Orion Service Manager.
  3. Extract the "NTA-v4.0.3-HotFix1" archive and copy the files "SolarWinds.Netflow.Processing.dll", "SolarWinds.Netflow.Processing.Core.dll", "NetFlowService.exe.config" and "NetflowTemplateSchemas.xml" into %Program Files (x86)%\SolarWinds\Orion\NetFlowTrafficAnalysis\.

Uninstallation instructions

  1. Stop the NetFlow Service using the Orion Service Manager.
  2. Copy the backed-up files "SolarWinds.Netflow.Processing.dll", "SolarWinds.Netflow.Processing.Core.dll", "NetFlowService.exe.config" and "NetflowTemplateSchemas.xml" into %Program Files (x86)%\SolarWinds\Orion\NetFlowTrafficAnalysis\.
  3. Start the NetFlow Service using the Orion Service Manager.


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