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Filter events and display historical events

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You can view your events in the Last 25 Traffic Analyzer Events resource which is available on all NetFlow summary views.

If you want to see more than last 25 events or want to display only certain events, you can do so on the Events view.

If you want to see only unknown traffic events, click NetFlow Settings in any NetFlow view, and Under NetFlow Management click Show Unknown Traffic Events. For more information about unknown traffic, see Resolve unknown NetFlow traffic.

Filter all events

  1. Click Alerts & Activity > Events.
  2. You can further filter events by:
    1. Network Object or Type of Device
    2. Event Type

      The table below provides event types relevant for SolarWinds NTA events, and the corresponding events.

    3. Time Period
  3. If you want to see cleared events, select Show Cleared Events.
  4. If desired, edit the Number of Displayed Events.
  5. Click Refresh.


Event Type Events
NetFlow Receiver Service Started

NetFlow receiver service started

NetFlow receiver service settings changed

NetFlow Receiver Service Stopped

NetFlow receiver service stopped

License limitation

No valid license

Unmanaged NetFlow Node Unmanaged NetFlow node
Unmonitored NetFlow Interface Automatically Added

Unmonitored interface automatically added

NetFlow Event

NetFlow event: interface index mapping used for a node

NetFlow event: removing interface index for a node

NetFlow database maintenance

Scheduled shrink performed

Updating data to be used in Top XX aggregated resources

Windows Firewall is turned on

Unmanaged NetFlow Interface Unmanaged NetFlow interface

Unmonitored NetFlow Interface

Unmonitored NetFlow interface
Invalid Template

Invalid template

Invalid IPFIX template

No Template Received No template received
Not Enabled NetFlow Data Export NetFlow data export not enabled
Not Primary NPM Node IP Address Not primary NPM node IP address
Notification Reset

Notification event status reset

NetFlow Licensing NetFlow licensing

Unable to start listening on port

Port is free listening

NetFlow service time difference warning

NetFlow time difference warning

NetFlow time difference warning ended

NetFlow service time difference error NetFlow time difference error


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