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DNS resolution options

To meet your specific network monitoring needs, SolarWinds NTA provides the following options for configuring DNS resolution:

Persistent DNS

Persistent DNS resolution continuously resolves domain names for all devices involved in monitored flows. For typically-sized networks, SolarWinds NTA views may load more quickly as resolved domain names are retained, but database query times may increase as your Orion database is continuously queried. This is the default option for new installations.

Top Domains resources and Orion reports that include DNS names require persistent domain name resolution. SolarWinds NTA does not support internationalized domain names. Internationalized domain names include special characters and symbols and non-English letters, such as Japanese and Chinese letters.

On demand DNS

On Demand DNS is intended to assist users with larger networks. With this option, an endpoint domain name is only resolved when information about it is actually requested from the SolarWinds Orion database. Database query times may be improved with this option as queries are limited, but the load time for some endpoint-related resources may increase as SolarWinds NTA waits for domain name resolution.

Top Domains resources and Orion reports that include DNS names require persistent domain name resolution, so they will not display DNS names if On Demand supports and DNS resolution is enabled.


Disabled turns DNS resolution off for the endpoints of flows monitored in SolarWinds NTA. This is not recommended unless NetBIOS resolution already is enabled. For more information, see Enable NetBIOS resolution of endpoints.

If DNS resolution is disabled, all DNS information will be deleted from the database to improve database performance.


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