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Enable flow monitoring from unmanaged interfaces

In older versions, SolarWinds NTA discarded any flow record that referred to traffic involving an interface not already managed by SolarWinds NPM. Currently, however, SolarWinds NTA provides the option to retain data for any flow defined with at least one interface monitored by SolarWinds NPM.

It is possible that you may be managing a node in SolarWinds NPM by one interface and IP address, but NetFlow data is coming from a different interface and IP address on that node. In such cases, you can choose to have SolarWinds NTA attempt to associate unknown traffic with a non-primary IP address on a currently monitored SolarWinds NPM node.

For more information about managing interfaces in SolarWinds NPM, see Discovering and Adding Network Devices in the SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor Administrator Guide. The following procedure enables the option of monitoring traffic on unmanaged interfaces in SolarWinds NTA.

Disabling the option to monitor flows from unmanaged interfaces may significantly decrease the processing load on both your SolarWinds NTA server and your SolarWinds Orion database server, but it will also decrease the amount of flow data stored in yourSolarWinds Orion database.

Enable flow monitoring from unmanaged interfaces

  1. Click Settings > All Settings.
  2. Under Product Specific Settings, click NTA Settings.
  3. Under NetFlow Management, select Allow Monitoring of Flows from Unmanaged Interfaces.
  4. Select Allow Matching Nodes by Another IP Address to allow SolarWinds NTA to attempt associating unknown traffic with non-primary IP addresses on a currently monitored SolarWinds NPM node.
  5. Click Save.

    If there are unknown traffic events, resolve the unknown traffic and add the appropriate devices for monitoring first to SolarWinds NPM, and then to SolarWinds NTA. For more details, see Resolve unknown NetFlow traffic.

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